Windows 8.1: Auto Login

This step not suitable for your tablet, notebook except that you can guarantee for 100% that you tablet or notebook will never touch by other people :D.

Step 1. Open User Account

To open User Account window, we have two ways.

1. You can search [highlight color=”orange”]netplwiz[/highlight] in Windows Search

2014-09-28 06_30_00-

2. Open [highlight color=”COLOR”]Run[/highlight] by [highlight color=”COLOR”]right click[/highlight] Windows Start and type [highlight color=”COLOR”]control userpasswords2[/highlight]

2014-09-28 06_33_24-

2014-09-28 06_33_49-Run

Step 2. Uncheck for password login

In User Account window, uncheck [highlight color=”orange”]users must enter a user name and password to use this computer[/highlight], after you click OK, window Automatically sign in will ask you for the default user for auto login when Windows start.

Step 3. Restart

After you click OK, window User Accounts will ask you to sign out. For the first time it will ask you your password again, but after you restart Windows will never ask you for password login again.


Hopefully this would will help.

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