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It’s my goal to have fast loading website for my customers and it’s always be my pleasure to do it the tuning. Since morning I tried to looking for the best way to put separate files for images, JavaScript and CSS. Tried with CDN, but it’s not so much give a significant score to page test. Since I got score 90 for Page Speed and 90 for YSlow. But it’s not still satisfied me :D.

Then I have my attention to How to create own self hosted CDN for WordPress.

And yet I still stuck and not satisfied because always got result that I still have to do add expires headers for JavaScript and font that I used from Google. What a nerd.

Then I just realized from these two man said:

  • You can’t control the headers being sent with these files since they are not being sent from your server. You can only control the headers of files you are hosting locally by Sean Carpenter
  • Don’t worry about it, it’s not in your control. As long as you are using the async analytics snippet you are fine. Optimize of the actual performance, not necessarily the scores. by Patrick Meenan

So, at least it’s give me a new side view :D. And then I checked again that the page is being loaded for 10 seconds but that’s not matter at all because it’s come from Shoutcast live stream :D.

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