WordPress: Membuat Child Themes

WordPress: Membuat Child Themes

Apa itu Child Themes? Kalau ada istilah child themes pasti akan ada pula istilah parent themes. Parent themes adalah tema (themes) yang akan kita gunakan untuk CMS WordPress kita. Seperti artinya, child themes adalah keturunan dari parent themes (tema utama).… Baca selengkapnya WordPress: Membuat Child Themes

CSS: Responsive Template

Here empty style for your need to make responsive template or theme. Before write style, in some condition, it’s better way to have meta in your header. <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=1100″ /> Here the empty responsive template CSS. /*————————————————*/ /*——————-[RESPONSIVENESS]——————*/ /*————————————————*/… Baca selengkapnya CSS: Responsive Template

WordPress: Display a List of Last Updated Posts

If you are using last modified date, then you might want to show a list of your recently updated posts on your site. Each time you update a post, WordPress stores the date and time of that update in the… Baca selengkapnya WordPress: Display a List of Last Updated Posts

Shortcode in Template

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[shortcode]’); ?>  

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