WordPress: Get URL Only of Featured Image

Untuk menampilkan featured image di WordPress sangat mudah sekali, cukup dengan perintah: <?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $post_id, $size, $attr ); ?> Contoh: <?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $post->ID, full, array( ‘style’ => ‘margin-bottom: 15px;’ ) ); ?> Dan option sizenya bisa disesuaikan dengan… Baca selengkapnya WordPress: Get URL Only of Featured Image

Windows: How To Make ISO for Free

As you know, one of the new features in Windows 8 is the ability to natively open and view ISO and VHD files right from File Explorer. There is a lot way how to make ISO for free for Windows,… Baca selengkapnya Windows: How To Make ISO for Free

WordPress: Featured Image URL

Post thumbnails are pretty useful and pretty easy to use in WordPress. Simply add: add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’); To a theme’s functions.php file and you’ll get a Featured Image module on the admin screen for posts which allows you to select one. It… Baca selengkapnya WordPress: Featured Image URL

Random Image Script

Description This is your standard random image script that takes a slightly different approach than most, namely using standard HTTP headers instead of reading the file through the script. Installation/Usage For the simplest possible installation, just drop this code in… Baca selengkapnya Random Image Script

WordPress: Media Upload for Your Plugin or Theme

It’s fairly simple to implement, providing you already have a bit of experience with the WordPress API. The first step is to prepare your HTML. Put it wherever the code for your admin page is. You want to have a… Baca selengkapnya WordPress: Media Upload for Your Plugin or Theme

Batch Image Resizer on Ubuntu

Phatch PHoto bATCH Processor Easily batch process images and edit metadata. Phatch handles all popular image formats and can duplicate (sub)folder hierarchies. It can batch resize, rotate, apply perspective, shadows, rounded corners, … and more in minutes instead of hours… Baca selengkapnya Batch Image Resizer on Ubuntu

Enable gzip compression

Compressing the static contents with [highlight color=”orange”]enable gZip compression[/highlight] will drastically change your site loading time. Its a good practice for general web development too. You just need to place below code in your [highlight color=”salmon”]htaccess[/highlight] file: <IfModule mod_deflate.c> #… Baca selengkapnya Enable gzip compression

Add Expires Headers

Setting the expire header to far future date will instruct your web browser to cache and serve those cached content until that expire date. You can [highlight color=”salmon”]add expires headers[/highlight] using some easy edits to your [highlight color=”orange”].htaccess[/highlight] file. <IfModule… Baca selengkapnya Add Expires Headers

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