Scrolling Di Window Yang Sedang Tidak Aktif di Microsoft Windows

Scrolling Di Window Yang Sedang Tidak Aktif di Microsoft Windows

Bagi pengguna macOS tentunya sudah tidak asing lagi untuk merasakan bisa melakukan scrolling pada window yang sedang tidak aktif dan sebetulnya ini terkadang sangat berguna sekali pada satu waktu tertentu, contohnya lagi ngeliat contekan, yakan, hehehe. Nah, bagi yang sering pakai macOS dan kemudian pakai Windows, asli, gak asik banget dah. Tapi kalau Windows 10 sekarang sih sudah ada feature ini. Bagi yang masih pakai Windows 7 ternyata ada softwarenya dan gratis, namanya WizMouse.


A simple and easy to use software utility that can make your mouse wheel work even for applications that do not provide native support for it

Enhancing mouse actions on a Windows workstation isn’t such an easy task since there are only a few apps developed in this regard, so that’s why WizMouse may really come in handy.

This particular program was developed to help users scroll down or up an inactive window and thus force the operating system ignore the action in the active window.

Although it may sound like rocket science to some beginners, this is actually a feature that Mac OS X users already enjoy for some time now and could greatly improve your experience on a Windows system.

In plain English, you can easily scroll up and down in a window, regardless if it’s active or not, without clicking it at all. But what’s more, WizMouse also comes with a bunch of other tools to enhance the whole process.

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Once installed and launched, it places an icon in the Windows System Tray that lets you enable or disable the program, but also to access the configuration screen.

WizMouse can also automatically bring a scrolling window to foreground and thus make it active, but also force mouse wheel for applications that do not sport such a feature. Reverse mouse scrolling is also available, and so is administrator support for Windows Vista and 7 apps that may need special privileges.

WizMouse works like a charm on all Windows workstations and doesn’t affect the overall system performance at all.

Overall, this is quite a handy piece of software that greatly improves your workflow on a Windows workstation. It’s impressively easy to use and quietly sits in the Tray.

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