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I work for radio station in Indonesia and at the first time I’m maintenance the website, it’s always make me feel so waste the time when decided for streaming player. Yes, now we have jPlayer which can play from Shoutcast server and off course can play on smartphone with HTML5.

After several years, I just get bored and so much wanted to touch keyboard for coding again, and in several days, Radio Player Streaming & Stats was born and hopefully could useful for all my friend.


  • Support for all browser, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Play in most smartphone, Android, IOS, Blackberry
  • Display listener your Shoutcast server by country flags
  • Unlimited listener to display
  • Automatically create page for Radio Listener
  • You can add player to where ever you wanted, like: Posts, Pages, Widgets
  • Custom widget ready
  • Easy configuration on WordPress dashboard
  • Custom skin player



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[highlight color=”silver”]Changelog[/highlight]

[boxopen width=”100%” id=”12″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 4.0.1 December 12, 2014″]

Fix some bugs


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”11″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 4 October 28, 2014″]

  1. Add different player platform. JWPlayer, and since I using free version, to choose JWPlayer as Radio Player Streaming I added to skins.
  2. Add image poster


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”10″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 3.5″]

  1. Fix for Zen skin


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”9″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 3.4 October 24, 2014″]

  1. Show/hide listener option
  2. Full/lite listener shortcode


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”8″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 3.3 October 10, 2014″]

  1. Add widget support


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”7″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 3.2 October 06, 2014″]

  1. Add full radio listener full
  2. Add page for radio listener


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”6″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 3.1 September 30, 2014″]

  1. Fix for Pink Flag CSS in widget area


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”5″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 3.0 September 23, 2014″]

  1. Add skins support
  2. Remove Listener Position


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”4″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 2.0 September 16, 2014″]

  1. Renew plugin codes
  2. Change stream source from option to post types


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”3″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 1.3 September 11, 2014″]

  1. Fix error double admin init


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”2″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 1.2 September 11, 2014″]

  1. Add updater
  2. Add activation key


[boxclosed width=”100%” id=”1″ corner=”5″ color=”green” title=”Version 1.1 September 9, 2014″]

  1. Add Hide/show password for Shoutcast password field
  2. fix error when no entry on Extra Listener section
  3. Create open slide for section


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