Hardware: How to Fix “Please plug-in audio device” on Installing Driver ASUS Xonar D2/PM

Yesterday, we bought sound card ASUS Xonar D2/PM for new crew, Audio Production. Install the sound card in Windows 7 64bit but never succeeded. We try to install the driver but always error with prompt “Please plug-in audio device”.

Xonar EEPROM failure

Sometimes, Xonar PCI/PCI-E cards randomly fail to be recognized.

The driver refused to load or to install, and in Device Manager, the card is shown as an unknown sound card or as “C-Media Oxygen audio device”. Putting the card into another slot or another computer does not help.

This happens when the EEPROM on the card gets overwritten.
(This EEPROM stores the PCI subsystem vendor and product IDs; when it gets overwritten, the main chip cannot read the subsystem IDs and uses a default ID (13F6:8788) which is not recognized by the Xonar driver.)

To reliably detect whether the EEPROM was overwritten, go into Device Manager, show the properties page of the device, go to the “Details” tab, and select the property “Hardware IDs”, and look at the values after “SUBSYS_”:

If Hardware Ids PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_[highlight color=”orange”]878813F6[/highlight] or PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_[highlight color=”orange”]434D1043[/highlight] then it means you got [highlight color=”orange”]overwritten EEPROM[/highlight].


The exact cause is unknown.
It seems that the problem occurs only with certain computers or motherboards, and after booting from a CD (i.e., (re)installation of an operating system, or using a live CD).

Restoring the EEPROM

Download this tool that already compiled to ISO: restoree_EEPROM.iso and then burn to blank a CD-R then restart your PC and boot from the CD.

When you got succeeded boot from CD, you just need to type “YES“, restart the PC and try again with install the driver for Sonar D2/PM.


[button link=”https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36655142/software/windows/driver/restore_eeprom.iso” color=”orange” corner=”5″ textsize=”24″]Download Restoree_EEPROM.ISO[/button]


source: alsa-project

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