First Step to Ubuntu

This is my big decision to use Ubuntu for my PC at home, use for my wife and my kids. Well, it’s always makes me uncomfortable when use PC which mostly is cracked software, I use windows.

Yes I know Linux but my family NOT. Yes I have PC but somehow I can not buy original software, duh :D. Last night my mind so clear and decided to use Ubuntu for my PC at home so my family can used to do by Ubuntu, it’s open source and the most important is FREE. And I decided to not use any more cracked software, well…. at home I mean.

First thing after finished install Ubuntu:

1. Install games by searching at Ubuntu Software Center.

Yes not bad but my wife said the game she used to see from previous OS is not there. Bwahahaha. So then I install Wine.

2. After games, I install apps that my wife usually used it, like Skype for call me when I in the office, VLC for play movies and I don’t remembered else, hehehe.

3. I disable Ubuntu Unity for online search which I don’t really need much since usually to find something I just browsing to it. You can disable this by following to System Settings >> Security & Privacy >> Search >> TURN OFF Include online search result.

Well, the journey is continued…..

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