Bulan: September 2014


Exact meaning of basename(dirname(__FILE__)) in PHP __FILE__ would give something like: “/home/httpd/html/modules/Your_Account/index.php” dirname(__FILE__) gives “/home/httpd/html/modules/Your_Account” basename(dirname(__FILE__)) gives “Your_Account”

MAMP MySQL Configuration

If you use MAMP and you wonder where is MAMP MySQL Configuration, then you just need copy the configuration which already exist in [highlight color=”blue”]MAMP[/highlight] [highlight color=”orange”]=>[/highlight] [highlight color=”blue”]Library[/highlight] [highlight color=”orange”]=>[/highlight] [highlight color=”blue”]support-files[/highlight] and copy one of file existed (my-huge.cnf,… Baca selengkapnya MAMP MySQL Configuration

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