Bulan: Maret 2014

My Lovely Daughter Plays Bycycle

[youtube id=”dUkUOhRlUr0″]

Advanced encoding settings

Recommended bitrates, codecs, and resolutions, and more Container: .mp4 No Edit Lists (or you may lose AV sync) moov atom at the front of the file (Fast Start) Audio Codec: AAC-LC Channels: Stereo or Stereo + 5.1 Sample rate 96khz… Baca selengkapnya Advanced encoding settings

Mac OS X Mavericks Screenshot Doesn’t Work

After several days try to figure out why Mac OS X Mavericks screenshot doesn’t work anymore. Is it not working or just it’s the location replaced to another folder? Tried with keyboard shortcut Control + Command + Shift + 4… Baca selengkapnya Mac OS X Mavericks Screenshot Doesn’t Work

Jquery Mobile with Disqus comments system

Connecting Disqus Comments to your jQuery Mobile web application

Audio Player: Responsive and Touch-Friendly

A jQuery audio player plugin that is responsive and touch-friendly. The UI is css-only, no images used. a jQuery plugin that replaces <audio> element with a little of custom HTML code. By adding some CSS you get a whole new… Baca selengkapnya Audio Player: Responsive and Touch-Friendly

jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme

jQuery Mobile Flat-UI Theme, Theme for jQuery Mobile based on Flat-UI.

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